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Welcome to my diary. I write about my painting, inspiration, and process. Welcome to my painting world.

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Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

4:50 PM

February 26, 2018

Music - Tori Amos, J-POP

Books on Tape - Brotopia by Emily Chang, My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

Snacks - Fresca, PopChips, Honeycrisp Apple, Peanut Butter, Diet Coke

Hiiii, I'm starting a painting diary, online, haha lol. This should be fun. There is a vending machine on the floor of my studio that I can't stop thinking about. All I want is a diet coke, probably because I just ate pop chips. I'm going to get some now.

Ugh. I'm finishing a body of work I'm almost totally over. Yes, it was really helpful in composition creation, palette organization and how to efficiently use photoshop, but all I want to do now is work on my new series. I'm really happy and excited. My raison d'etre is finally clear, I'm to create a magic girl world inspired by things that are important to me. Here is a list of some of them:

- magic girls, manga and anime, world building, being outside, animals, nature, intimacy, how characters interact with each other in paintings, etc etc etc, oh and also, medieval art history, art history in general, Madonna and Child paintings, Pre Raphaelite Paintings, Jenny Saville, Madonna, Tori Amos... 

My midwestern upbringing makes it hard for me to abandon a project, I will fight tooth and nail even if it is not working, just to finish. It kind of sucks. Wandereissen came to into being because I didn't have a direction. For six years I would make a painting, and throw it in a pile of other paintings. They work together because they don't have anything in common, or maybe they don't work together at all, IDK haha. 

I think writing a diary will hold me accountable to something. I don't know what but if I tell myself to post my work in progress I can take a look at it and see it grow or something. 

So here is Lane...

Now here is Sookie

Sookie WIP

and now Paris


I made my Gilmore Girls series because I was homesick. I think I always kind of thought of Lorelai and Rory like me and my Mom. In a way, These helped me figure out sizes for paintings and play around with light in photographs, figure ground, and just working out the circle panel thing. WIPS, I'm almost ready to say fuck it, and be done, but I am not a quitter! By the end of the week I think these will be done.

I've started to work out compositions for a project I'm really happy about. My own set of magic girls inspired from growing up in Minnesota, teen girl drama and friendships, shoujo manga obsession, LoTR obsession and wishing I had magical powers. Even now in my 30's.

There are seven magical girls, each modeled after a Goddess Archetype from my books "The Goddess Within" and "Goddesses in Everywoman." They all descend from an Inanna, Persephone, Aphrodite type Goddess. I'm kind of obsessed with Inanna and Sumerian mythology right now. Each one is kind of based on my friends growing up but honestly they have become their own people.

I'm going to work on my Gilmore Girls paintings this week, hopefully be done by Wednesday, then get to work on my other stuff. 

Hopefully journaling will help me be accountable and write all this stuff in one place vs. 3 different notebooks. It might be 4 or 5 notebooks, IDK



Here is what I came home to after studio


Titans and Structure

Titans and Structure